UFO’s & Aliens

Life on Mars: UFO hunter spots a ‘statue’ on Mars and claims it’s ‘100% proof of aliens’ UFO hunters claim to have found solid evidence of life on Mars, citing official NASA photos to back their bizarre claims. Conspiracy theorist and self-titled UFO expert Scott C Waring... July 30, 2021
Alien news: Holy site including ancient pyramid found on Mars – claim ALIEN hunters believe they have found manufactured ruins on Mars, which includes a pyramid structure, which conspiracy theorists points to evidence of intelligent life on the Red Planet. Mars has... July 30, 2021
UFO sighting: US fighter jets scrambled as ‘real UFO disk’ appears over California – claim UFO truthers are in a frenzy after Tik Tok footage has emerged purporting to show US Air Force jets intercepting a “real” UFO over California. The viral video, which was... July 30, 2021
Alien face carved into Pluto discovered in NASA images – claim ALIEN hunters have claimed they have spotted the face of an extraterrestrial on the dwarf planet Pluto in what some are describing as proof that intelligent beings live on the... July 30, 2021
UFO sighting: ‘Two UFOs’ spotted near the Moon in NASA photo archive, conspiracist claims UFO hunters claim to have exposed genuine evidence of alien spacecraft near the Moon after trawling through an archive of old NASA photos. The supposed UFOs were spotted in a... July 30, 2021
Alien hunter claims to have spotted city on the Moon & accuses NASA of ‘hiding’ evidence AN ALIEN city has been found across cliffs on the Moon in images from Google which NASA is trying to keep secret, a conspiracy theorist has claimed. UFO hunters were... July 30, 2021
UFO sighting: ‘Ancient alien temple’ found in NASA Mars rover photos, claims UFO hunter UFO hunters are convinced an alien structure has been discovered in an archive NASA Curiosity Mars rover photo. Alien life conspiracy theorists have for decades poured-over photographs of Mars, searching... July 29, 2021
UFO hunter claims ‘small alien creatures’ caught on security camera are the real deal UFO hunters claim to have solid evidence of extraterrestrial life on Earth after a pair of supposed “alien creatures” was caught by a security camera. The pair of purported alien... July 28, 2021
‘Black triangle’ UFO spotted near Sun is being kept secret from public, claims ET hunter UFO hunters are convinced the powers that be are suppressing information about extraterrestrial life. Their evidence? Blurry pictures of a “black triangle craft” near the Sun. The supposed alien spaceship... July 27, 2021
UFO sighting: Glowing orbs over Nevada are ‘true evidence’ of aliens, claims UFO hunter UFO hunters claim to have found remarkable evidence of aliens visiting Earth after a pair of glowing orbs was filmed over Nevada, US. The UFOs or unidentified flying objects were... July 26, 2021
UFO sighting: ‘Elephant head’ found in official NASA photos of Mars, claims UFO researcher NASA photos of what appear to be “elephant heads” on Mars have convinced a UFO hunter aliens are real. Self-titled UFO researcher Scott C Waring presented his bizarre theory after... July 24, 2021
Alien news: Hunter spots ‘HUMAN-size foot’ in NASA photos of Mars – ‘This has to be real’ ALIEN hunters were bewildered to discover a human-like “foot” in official NASA photos snapped on the surface of Mars. The alien anomaly was photographed by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover on... July 24, 2021
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